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How To Build A Noise Barrier With Ground Screws

Noise is a growing problem as more and more roads and residential areas are being built. A correctly installed noise barrier can provide peace and quiet, and also increase your privacy. Many people are bothered by noise and rumbling. By installing a noise barrier properly, you can create calm and silence and achieve reduced stress levels. At the same time, you also increase the privacy in your garden. In the following we provide guidance as to how to proceed when building a noise barrier!

Planning and research

A good noise barrier should obviously provide reduced noise levels and improved privacy as far as possible. The most important quality of a noise barrier is its density and ensuring that it is built in the prefect place. There are several different models available on the market, both noise absorbing and noise reflective barriers. Contact an expert and explain your situation to achieve the best possible outcome.

How to build a noise barrier?

Whether you are building a barrier to block your neighbours’ views into your garden or you are building a noise barrier, it is critical to ensure everything is done properly. The reason is that basically all types of fencing require a building permit. Contact your local building authority to understand what applies in your specific case. Then you need to consider what type of protection you want. You can buy ready-made modules on the market or you can build a barrier yourself using timber lengths. A stable foundation is critical in order to make it weather- and wind-proof and completely solid. Any small gap in the barrier makes a big impact on how noise is perceived on the inside of the barrier. Keep in mind that a noise barrier should be designed to adapt to the environment as a whole, taking into account, for example, the height of the road. Wood is therefore a suitable material because it is light, strong and can easily be shaped as required.

Ground screws provide a stable foundation for your noise barrier

Stop Digging’s ground screws provide a quick and effective anchoring of your noise barrier. You save both time and money when you use our ground screws instead of digging and casting plinths. Ground screws are cheap. Moreover, you achieve a nicer looking and more practical anchoring as there is no need to dig up and make a mess of the whole garden.
We have certified installers all over the UK who will be happy to help you find the best solution for your particular project!