Public Boardwalks Ground screw with StopDigging! Ground screw System

Elevate your commercial and public boardwalks and bridges with the StopDigging! ground screw system, a certified CodeMark solution for standard pile foundations. Our innovative piling system offers a range of features that enhance project efficiency while minimizing environmental impact.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Versatile Piling Solution: Suitable for most ground conditions, our ground screws offer versatility in design and application.
  • Fast Installation with No Ground Disturbance: Installation is swift and non-disruptive, ensuring minimal disturbance to the site.
  • Zero Waste: Our system is environmentally conscious, producing zero waste during installation.
  • Instant Load bearing: Ground screws provide instant load bearing capacity, allowing for immediate construction.
  • Suitable for Sensitive Areas: Perfect for highly sensitive environmental and cultural/archaeological areas, our ground screw system is designed to minimize its impact on delicate ecosystems and heritage sites.

Ground screw foundations eliminate ground disturbance, creating zero site waste and significantly increasing on-site productivity compared to traditional methods.

Scope of Use

Ground screws typically function as cantilever piles, directly supporting the bearer or joist structure of a boardwalk or bridge abutment. Design loads are verified through site-specific, static pile testing.

Our solution is suitable for all locations, with optional high-quality duplex coating options available for marine environments, such as mangrove boardwalks and jetties.

In-Service History

Since our establishment in 2017, StopDigging! has successfully completed thousands of projects for this application around New Zealand. Some notable projects include providing foundations for the award-winning Mount Eden and Mangere Mountain boardwalk projects, as well as the Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive shared pathway project.

Choose the StopDigging! ground screw system for your commercial and public boardwalks and bridges, and experience the benefits of an efficient, sustainable, and CodeMark-certified foundation solution.

CodeMark Performance and Building Code Compliance

The StopDigging ground screw system is certified with a CodeMark certificate, aligning with various performance clauses of the New Zealand Building Code, including B1 Structure, B2 Durability, and F2 Hazardous Building Materials.