Residential Decking Ground screw with StopDigging! Ground screw System

Elevate your residential decking and boardwalk projects with the highly efficient and zero-waste solution provided by StopDigging’s ground screw system. We offer a groundbreaking foundation solution that ensures your decking and boardwalks are not only stable but also environmentally friendly.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Equivalent to NZ3604 Pile Foundation: Our ground screw piles are equivalent to a standard NZ3604 pile foundation solution, ensuring compliance and reliability.
  • Cantilever Pile Design: Each ground screw works as a cantilever pile and can be extended and braced if needed to support high-level deck structures, providing versatility in design.
  • Rapid Installation: Installation is incredibly fast, with minimal ground disturbance and zero waste. You can start building on the ground screws immediately after installation, saving time and resources.
  • Instant Load Holding: Ground screws hold load instantly, allowing for immediate construction, reducing project timelines.

Ground screw foundations eliminate ground disturbance, creating zero site waste and significantly increasing on-site productivity compared to traditional methods.

Scope of Use

Ground screws are suitable for all types of decking and boardwalk structures, whether within the scope of NZ3604 or designed for specific purposes. They can also be used with proprietary aluminum and steel subfloor structures, offering flexibility in design and material choices.

In accordance with our CodeMark certification, ground screws are suitable for use in all corrosion and earthquake zones in New Zealand.

CodeMark Performance and Building Code Compliance

The StopDigging ground screw system is certified with a CodeMark certificate, aligning with various performance clauses of the New Zealand Building Code, including B1 Structure, B2 Durability, and F2 Hazardous Building Materials.

Limitations on Use

Ground screws are suitable to support all types of structures, including timber, aluminum, and steel framing for decks and boardwalks. StopDigging’s ground screw system is installed nationwide by our network of certified Regional Partners.

In-Service History

Since our establishment in 2017, StopDigging has successfully completed thousands of projects around New Zealand. Our extensive network of StopDigging companies worldwide has installed hundreds of thousands of ground screws for various applications in Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, and the South Pacific.

Choose StopDigging! Ground screw System for your residential decking and boardwalk projects, and experience the benefits of a reliable, efficient, and sustainable foundation solution.