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solid foundations.

Ground screw in the

world of Construction

Are you curious about how you can use ground screws in your business?

Now you can team up with us to build fast, secure, and sustainable foundations. We offer ground screws and machines of the highest quality, and it’s now available for you.

Our ground screws are used as foundations to build houses, solar parks, sound barriers, decks, security fences, and much more.

Your benefit? Speed up your developments and save time and money!

We are Certified! You can become Authorized!

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Ground screw installation

as a service for consumers

A modern and cost-effective ground anchor for both large and small construction projects.

Our business ethos is not only to provide a high-quality product but to deliver and install it to the highest professional standard, saving you work, time and money. Stop Digging will take your idea from conception and create a strong and stable foundation for you to complete your project.

Circular system, lower carbon footprint.

5 reasons to

use ground screws.

Very fast installation

Installed in hours, not in days.

No damage

No damage to the landscape after installation.

Climate sensitive

Ground screws are better for the environment.

Uneven ground

Perfect for sloped and uneven ground.

Near trees

Option to build much nearer trees.