Foundation made easy – with ground screws

Since 2012 we have designed and developed our products from our head office in Sweden. We continuously improve existing products and develop new ones. Our Product development department also creates specially designed products for our clients with specific needs and requirements. All our products meet the industry’s high standards and are used worldwide.

Ground Screws

Our range of ground screws is used for residential and business construction. The load capacity of our heavy screws is over 10 tons per screw, enabling a secure foundation for large and complex constructions. Our extendable screws can become over 20 meters long and are perfect for secure anchoring in poor ground conditions.

Our screws


We have specially developed machines that are made to work together with StopDigging ground screws. In our portfolio, we offer both high- and low-volume machines. The most common machines are our selection of handheld machines, but for bigger and heavier projects, we provide machines that run on tracks or wheels.

Our machines


Our ground screws are designed to be flexible and compatible to meet the unique needs and demands of the market.

To provide optimal anchoring for various types of constructions, we have created a selection of attachments that can be combined with our screws.


Specially developed machines...

…made to work together with StopDigging ground screws.

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Specially developed machines
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