Traditional House Pile Foundation with StopDigging ground screw System

Are you in need of a solid foundation for your traditional house construction project in New Zealand? Look no further than StopDigging! Ground screw Foundations. We offer a CodeMark certified ground screw pile foundation system that serves as an ideal solution for lightweight and low-rise buildings.

Key Features and Benefits

  • CodeMark Certified for Effortless Specification: Our system is CodeMark certified, allowing LBP Designers to specify within the scope of the Design Guide without incurring additional engineering costs.
  • Efficiency and Speed: Ground screws are renowned for their efficiency and rapid installation, with instant load-bearing capacities.
  • Onsite Static Pile Testing: We provide onsite static pile testing as formal verification for each project, reducing the risk of onsite variations.
  • Zero Ground Disturbance: Ground screw foundations eliminate ground disturbance, leading to a significant increase in onsite productivity compared to traditional methods.
  • Versatility: Our ground screws come in a variety of diameters, lengths, and types to suit various ground conditions found in New Zealand.
  • Sustainability: We are committed to sustainability and offer a lower carbon footprint compared to other foundation methods.
  • Reusability: Ground screws are designed as permanent foundations but can be easily removed and re-used, making them an ideal solution for temporary transportable buildings.

Ground screw foundations eliminate ground disturbance, creating zero site waste and significantly increasing on-site productivity compared to traditional methods.

Scope of Use

StopDigging! Ground screw Foundations are suitable for various types of house piling, including those within the scope of NZ3604 or specifically engineered designs. They are ideal for low-rise structures, lightweight transportable and modular buildings, and traditional built-on-site construction methods. Our ground screws can be used as a single or grouped cantilever pile system and even as spot footings for pile extensions and posts.

Our simplified specification process, thanks to CodeMark accreditation, removes the need for producer statements. For projects within the scope of our Design Guide, an LBP Designer can specify our system without further structural engineering input. For other building types, a CPEng will provide a pile design load calculation package, which is included in the documentation.

CodeMark Performance and Building Code Compliance

The StopDigging ground screw system is certified with a CodeMark certificate, aligning with various performance clauses of the New Zealand Building Code, including B1 Structure, B2 Durability, and F2 Hazardous Building Materials.

Limitations on Use

While ground screws are versatile, they may not be suitable for all conditions. In cases of liquefaction potential or slope stability issues, a CPEng should provide a pile design load specification in alignment with geotechnical recommendations. Ground screws are not suitable for use in solid basalt/granite bedrock but can be used in softer rock like sandstone/mudstone with appropriate pilot drilling. They are not recommended for soft organic materials/peat but can be piled through into stable ground below.

In-Service History

Since our inception in 2017, StopDigging! has successfully completed thousands of projects for traditional house pile foundations in New Zealand. Our network of companies worldwide has installed hundreds of thousands of ground screws for various applications across Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, and the South Pacific.

Other Performance Attributes

Our ground screws boast a design life of over 100 years in this application, ensuring long-lasting, reliable foundations. They are B1 Structure compliant, B2 Durability compliant, and carry the prestigious CodeMark certification.

Choose StopDigging! Ground screw Foundations for a sustainable, efficient, and versatile solution for your traditional house pile foundation needs in New Zealand.