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Outdoor storage can be both a big and a small project, depending on what you want. The type of ground anchoring also plays a role in how complicated the project can become. Many people are used to using concrete plinths for anchoring, which requires several hours of digging. With our help, however, you can build storage without digging.

By anchoring your storage with our ground screws, you can build storage completely without concrete supports. This way you do not have to worry about digging and casting. Building storage with ground screws is also very easy for you because you do not have to install them yourself. We come out to you and both pre-drill and install the ground screw.


There are some rules to keep in mind when building storage with a ground screw. Storage sheds of up to 30 square meters, usually do not need a building permit. However, some criteria must be met which include the distance to the plot boundary and the height of the storage unit. We recommend that you always check with the local authority where you live to be on the safe side.


When you are going to build a storage building, you can either choose to build a bespoke structure, or you can buy a prefabricated storage room or shed. What you choose depends on how much work you want to put into the construction project. You have the opportunity to build all types of storage buildings without concrete supports thanks to our ground screws. We offer ground screws that suit all types of construction. You usually build a storage building on a floor or a patio-like foundation. The general advice that applies says that these should have one support per two meters which perfectly fits our beam screws.

Prefabricated storage may have special fasteners that make it better to use our adapter screws. If you are just going to build a simpler storage building at ground level, we have post screws that handle the work perfectly. Regardless of the type of storage building you choose, you have many opportunities to build storage without casting concrete plinths.


Building with plinths or a cast foundation is time-consuming and laborious. You have to dig down the plinths and cast them from concrete, something that takes several hours. Even if you choose precast concrete plinths, you must dig them down and make sure that they end up straight and plumb. Not only is it time-consuming but it is also hard work on the body. A concrete plinth is also very heavy. It is also not so environmentally friendly because a lot of carbon dioxide is emitted during production.

Casting a foundation is also something that takes time and requires digging. The result is an expensive alternative as you also cannot build on both cast foundation and plinth foundation directly, but you have to wait for them to dry or settle. If you instead choose to build the storage room with ground screws, you can start your construction project immediately after installation.

Another advantage of building storage without concrete supports is that you can do it all year round, at least with Stop Digging’s ground screw. We can also mount them in frost. This means that you can start construction in the winter to have the storage ready by the spring. If you live in a place where the ground is very rocky or muddy, it can also be difficult to dig down plinths in a sound and stable way. But we can install our ground screws even in difficult terrain and surfaces that are not suitable for concrete supports.


How much storage you want depends partly on the size of your garden, and partly on whether you want to apply for a building permit or not. You should of course have space for everything you need to store. A storage building of 30 square meters or less is usually sufficient. Then you do not need a building permit either, apart from a few exceptions.

It is also important that the construction does not take up your entire garden, there must be room for garden furniture, flower beds and other things as well. A storage room can be used for so many different things, such as storing bicycles, garden tools and summer toys for the children. Regardless of what it is to be used for, it is important that it is stable and that it is firmly anchored in the ground. You do not want to risk it overturning during a storm.


We recommend that you anchor your storage with a ground screw from us at Stop Digging. They are much easier to use than concrete supports and more stable than ground anchors you find in hardware stores. When you use our ground screws, you plan your work as usual. You decide what dimensions you require, make a drawing and calculate how much material you will need.

When you then go to the department store to buy the material, you ignore buying concrete or other anchoring material. After you have sourced the materials you require, contact us at Stop Digging to discuss your project, get a price quote and book an appointment for installation. An advantage when you use a ground screw from us is that you do not have to carry out the anchoring work yourself. We measure where the screws are to be placed, drill holes and install the screws for you. You can then start building directly on the ground screws.


If you build a store with a ground screw and then want to demolish or move it, it is possible to do so when you build with a ground screw. This also makes it the perfect solution for those who are tenants, as it is easy to restore the garden after dismantling the storage building. In addition, it is possible to reuse the ground screws, which makes them both affordable and environmentally friendly.

As you can see, there are only benefits to building storage buildings with our ground screws. If you have previously built a wooden deck or a terrace with concrete supports, you are well aware of the work it entails. With Stop Digging ground screws, all that digging is just a memory and you also avoid destroying the garden with large holes or tracks caused by heavy machines.

Ground screws are durable, environmentally friendly and affordable when building storage. We offer assembly all over the UK and can anchor your storage regardless of the terrain. It is easy to get stable storage with Stop Digging’s ground screw.