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You may have seen pictures and videos of our ground screws in action and heard the benefits that they will save you time, hassle and money but many people ask the question How does a ground screw work?

  • Our ground screws are strong and can carry a lot of weight and pressure.
  • The ground screws replace having to dig foundations and create concrete bases.
  • The screws are bored into the ground ready for the base structure to be built on top.

How to install a ground screw?

1. The area is marked out where the base of the building will go

2. The area will be scanned with our special machinery to ensure there are no underground pipes or electricity cables

3. We use a general rule of thumb that one screw covers one square meter (this can vary)

4. We will pre-drill a hole in the ground where the screw will go

5. We will then install the ground screw.

What does a ground screw look like?

As you can see above, we have a variety of screws. These have different heads dependant on what will be going on top.

What size is a ground screw?

Our ground screws vary in size, but they are between 865mm and 2 meters.
The screw used will depend on what it is being used for and the weight that is going on top.

How to fix a ground screw?

Many people ask if we fix the ground screws by hand? No, we have specialist machinery to fix the ground screws.

What type of ground can the screws be used on?

Most ground conditions are suitable for our screws clay, sand, even chalk. If there are protected tree roots in the area this could be the perfect solution as it will not damage the roots. The ground screws can even be used when the ground is not level.

Can ground screws be removed?

Yes, they can be removed, and they can also be reused

Do you offer a guarantee on our screws?

Yes, Stop Digging UK offer a 25-year guarantee on our screws.


Stop Digging ground screws save time, money and hassle and are even eco-friendly. They normally work out cheaper than digging foundation and creating a concrete base and literally half the time it takes to create the base ready for the structure to be placed on top. The screws are strong and easy to install. Why not try us out for your next project.