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How to build a playhouse

From idea to housewarming, there’s loads to think about when building a playhouse. At the same time, a playhouse becomes a much-loved retreat that offers the children their own hidey-hole. Here we’re offering tips on what to consider when building a playhouse.


Planning to build a small wooden cottage, a manor house or a castle? Or why not a shop? Little children can have big dreams, and a playhouse offers them loads of wonderful and exciting hours. There is loads of inspiration available online and it is easy to get discouraged by major building projects, but building a playhouse doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. However, it does require you to think through certain aspects carefully beforehand.

How should the playhouse look?

Building a playhouse is a super project for the whole family to engage in! What are your children’s dreams? Do they want a miniature house that resembles your own residential building? Or should this be an opportunity for them to open a shop or a school? Their imagination is the only limit!

However, one important tip is to make sure there are windows that can be opened, because even playhouses need to be aired out sometimes. You can also consider whether the playhouse should be converted to some other use when the children no longer play in it.

Check the rules

You probably do not need to apply for planning permission to build a detached playhouse in your garden, as long as the floor area is less than 15 square meters and the construction is not intended for sleeping. If in doubt, check with your Local Planning Authority, as different rules may apply in different areas.

Time commitment and budget

Time and money – the two aspects that inevitably define a building project! How much time can you give to the project, and how much will the playhouse cost? You might wish to build it completely from scratch, in which case you can find sketches, blueprints and lots of inspiration online. If you want a less intensive alternative, you can buy a kit or flat-pack, or even go for a prefabricated cottage that is delivered ready-built.

The foundation – how will the playhouse be assembled?

Even small houses need a stable foundation. Playhouses have to withstand a lot of jumping and playing, as well as the damp British climate. A stable foundation such as screw piles will ensure that the playhouse doesn’t end up as a crooked house. It will also ensure the house is slightly raised off the ground, reducing the risk of rot.

The opening ceremony!

When the playhouse is finished, it’s time for a housewarming party! Invite your children’s best friends, or you could even collect their favourite cuddly toys for a traditional tea party. A playhouse guarantees many years of creative and educational play in the years to come!

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