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The end result when you build a terrace or patio with ground screws does not differ significantly from when you lay the foundation with concrete plinths. The only difference is really that the structure rests on a number of steel posts that have been screwed down into the area. The stability is the same.

Our method is now well established in the construction industry and is increasingly used by large construction companies. In other words, you can be absolutely certain that the structures hold. The reason why our method and our products have become so competitive is that at present there are simply no faster or easier ways to install ground anchors. After the ground screws have been installed, the construction work can start immediately!


Some of the difficulties with building a terrace or patio are that it is necessary to prepare space for the groundwork. Unless you are digging by hand, excavators and other equipment must be transported to and from the site. If the plot is crowded, this of course creates further problems with the groundwork. In addition, the time of year can play a decisive role in how smoothly the work proceeds. In winter, for example, the frost can make digging difficult. If you decide to cast the plinths yourself, periods of heavy rainfall can in turn also complicate the casting work. With a ground screw, however, you avoid all this!


Perhaps the best thing about a ground screw is that you avoid the excavation work. So, you do not have to turn the whole garden upside down or destroy the lawn with heavy machinery. You also avoid shovels, excavators and all the surrounding steps that this entails. In addition, a large part of the work with the terrace construction is usually to transport the stones and soil masses from the site. Guess what? you avoid this too!


Installing a ground screw is quick. The construction project can usually be started on the same day! And if it turns out that there are level differences, the screws can be easily corrected, removed or replaced. As a result, you also save valuable time. Casting in concrete, on the other hand, can take up to a week, and transporting finished plinths is both laborious and time-consuming. With a ground screw, on the other hand, you will have a foundation ready for construction within a few hours!


Regardless of whether your house rests on sandy soil, clay, earth or pebbles, we can install the ground screws with no problems. Even frost does not significantly affect the installation of our screws. In other words, you can start your construction project even during the winter!

Post screws and beam screws are the most common types of ground screws for the construction of balconies and wooden decks. Both are available in lengths of 1200 mm, which provides more than adequate stability for these structures. The brackets on the screws are, in turn, pre-adapted so that beams can be attached directly to the screw.