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A lush patio can be a great boost to the garden and it can serve many purposes. This is where many lazy hours are spent during the summer months, while it is also the perfect place to hang out and have dinner!

A patio is a must for many people who have a garden. The idea of being able to have lunch or dinner outdoors in the midst of a lush garden makes more and more people choose to build a really beautiful patio. Here are some tips on how to tackle this kind of project!

Choice of material

Creating a lovely patio or deck in the garden is an easy way to give the garden a boost. The most common alternative for creating a lovely outdoor area in the garden is to build a patio or a wooden deck adjacent to the house. The most popular choice of materials are larch, cedar, impregnated wood or wood composite. Extending a living room or kitchen space with a wooden deck, for example, has become popular and is a smart way to prolong the summer season.

Choosing a paved patio is a common alternative to the ever so popular decking. A paved patio lasts for many years and can be created directly adjacent to the house, but also a little distance away. In addition, the paving blends into the beautiful surroundings well and provides a calm and relaxed impression.


All wood constructions require maintenance, and so do the above-mentioned wooden decks and patios. Regular cleaning and oiling are necessary for the construction to last. Check out what options suit your situation best and be aware of the environmentally friendly options that are available. A paved patio requires minimal maintenance and is easily cleaned and maintained with a high-pressure cleaner.


Make sure to carefully consider the size of your patio. If, for example, you already have the furniture for the patio, you need to measure these before you make a decision. Keep in mind all the things you want to place on the patio, such as barbecue, pots and furniture. On the other hand, the patio should not be too big either. You don’t want it to dominate the lawn and the garden – and leave nothing else to enjoy.

Using ground screws is a simple and easy solution

Are you building a patio and need help laying the foundation? Make use of Stop Digging’s ground screws, which are a cost effective and a gentle solution! It’s quick, it’s stable and you don’t have to dig up the whole garden. We have certified installers all over the UK – contact us today to find your nearest installer!